PHONE: 207-945-4682

AO: Spectrum * Breast Rad Task, Spectrum * General Rad Task
Lists: Blue Hill MG Rad, MCH MG Rad, PVH MG Rad, MRH MG Rad

MCH and Blue Hill diagnostic mammo and breast US
PVH diagnostic mammo and breast US
MRH diagnostic mammo and breast US
Read other studies from Spectrum * lists to make a full day’s worth of work
*ALL ER/IP studies from ALL sites MUST be clear till 1700 hrs before leaving*

Cover RAYUS contrast reactions (must be on site unless no contrast)
Cover EMMC Main Dept orders signing and CT reactions: 1200 – 1230 hrs only

LUNCH BREAK: 1230 – 1330 hrs (no coverage)
HOURS: Onsite at RAYUS, 0800 – 1700 hrs

Updated 6/30/2024

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