Morning Shift

AO: Spectrum Primary Call Rad Task
Lists: Spectrum Primary Call CT, Spectrum Primary Call US, 

ER CT from all sites till 0740 hrs**
Urgent/IP CT and US studies from all sites (only if messaged by techs)
Synergy leftover CT/MR (based on Synergy email sent at 0700 hrs)
(Stroke CT/CTA neuro will be read by Synergy up to 0645 hrs)

From 0700- 0740 hrs: Read urgent/ER CTA Neuro and Body cases if able.
If not a CTA reader, coordinate who techs can contact for a read, as overnight
IR call person may be driving to offsite hospital.
Worst case place a short prelim in study comments.
CTA cases after 0730 hrs may be left for daytime neuro/IR radiologist.

From 0700 – 0800 hrs: Responsible for contrast coverage at RAYUS MRI.
If Remote, and someone is already onsite for conference etc,
reach out to see if onsite person can cover.
(Before 0700, previous day Dx Night Call rad still responsible for RAYUS MRI coverage)

HOURS: 0700 – 0800 hrs

Bangor area (EMMC, SJH, OIC, or at home within driving distance for RAYUS contrast coverage)
*No longer required to be in main radiology area if at EMMC. Can sit at BOC, RAYUS, etc*

Updated 1/4/2024

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