Morning Shift

AO: Spectrum Primary Call Rad Task
Lists: Spectrum Primary Call CT, Spectrum Primary Call US, 

ER CT from all sites till 0740 hrs**
Urgent/IP CT and US studies from all sites (only if messaged by techs)
Synergy leftover Urgent/ER CT done 0610 – 0700 hrs [Primary Call CT/US]
(Stroke CT/CTA neuro will be read by Synergy up to 0645 hrs)
Synergy leftover MRI from 0610 hrs onwards [Remote DX Weekend CT/MRI]
**Check SHCP email around 0700 hrs for list of 
Synergy “leftover” CT/MR that should also be dictated.**

From 0600- 0740 hrs: Read urgent/ER CTA Neuro and Body cases if able.
If not a CTA reader, coordinate who techs can contact for a read, as overnight
IR call person may be driving to offsite hospital.
Worst case place a short prelim in study comments.
CTA cases after 0730 hrs may be left for daytime neuro/IR radiologist.

From 0700 – 0800 hrs: Responsible for contrast coverage at RAYUS MRI.
If Remote, and someone is already onsite for conference etc,
reach out to see if onsite person can cover.
(From 0630 – 0700, previous day Dx Night Call rad still responsible for RAYUS MRI coverage)

HOURS: 0630 – 0800 hrs

Bangor area (EMMC, SJH, OIC, or at home within driving distance for RAYUS contrast coverage)
*No longer required to be in main radiology area if at EMMC. Can sit at BOC, RAYUS, etc*

Updated 8/11/2023

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