MRH (Millinocket) / PVH (Penobscot Valley): Alt. Weeks Onsite - WEDNESDAY

PHONE: 723-7253 (MRH) or 794-7138 (PVH)

AO: Personal preference
Lists: Personal preference

MRH or PVH procedures and fluoro
Read other studies from Spectrum * lists to make a full day’s worth of work
*Note: If reading screening mammo, only read MRH or PVH screens due to monitor QC*
*ALL ER/IP studies from ALL sites MUST be clear till 1600 hrs before leaving*

LUNCH BREAK: 1130 – 1230 hrs (no coverage)
HOURS: Onsite Lincoln 0800 – 1600 hrs or Millinocket 0800 – 1530 hrs

MRH/PVH diagnostic mammo and breast US: RAYUS
All other MRH/PVH studies incl screening mammo: General Coverage

Updated 6/30/2024

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