EMMC Neuro (Neuroradiology)

PHONE: 97(3-8189)

AO: Spectrum EMMC Neuro Rad Task
Lists: RAYUS Neuro MRI, EMMC Neuro CT, Spectrum Neuro CTA,
EMMC Neuro Fluoro, EMMC Neuro PET

EMMC Neuro CT/RAYUS Neuro MRI (OP till Task Creation Date 4pm,
ER/IP till 5pm)
Spinal and Cranial Pediatric US
Neuro CTA and Temporal bone studies from all sites
EMMC Neuro PET, SPECT and other NM studies
Help with PET-CT
EMMC LP, Myelograms, Intrathecal Chemotherapy

LUNCH BREAK: 1100 – 1200 hrs (no coverage)
HOURS: Onsite at EMMC Neuro Reading Room, 0800 – 1700 hrs 

Updated 1/4/2024

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