EMMC OIC (Outpatient Imaging Center)

PHONE: 97(3-5961)

AO: Spectrum OIC Rad Task
Lists: EMMC OIC Body/MSK, EMMC Fluoro, PVH w/o MG, 
Blue Hill w/o MG, EMMC Body CT, EMMC USMC Mobile XR (Follow-up section)

OIC MRI body/MSK (non-neuro) studies
OIC Fluoro procedures
Mobile Phil Forst x-rays (will call with cases; phone dictation; use
MC Mobile Dictated keyword to drop studies once dictated)
PVH: All studies including DEXA scans, except mammo (Mon, Wed, Thu only)
PVH Thu only: PVH ER/IP/Urgent MRIs; nonurgent SHOULD be left for PVH reader Friday
Blue Hill: All studies, except mammo (Tuesday and Friday only)
EMMC US till 1200 hours (Tuesday only)
Help with EMMC Body CT and PET-CT
Cover contrast at OIC MRI (must be present in building aside from lunch break)

LUNCH BREAK: 1230 – 1330 hrs (no coverage)
HOURS: Onsite at Healthcare Mall/OIC 0800 – 1700 hrs

Updated 8/11/2023

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