Onsite Dx Weekend - SATURDAY & SUNDAY

PHONE: 97(3-8145)

AO: Spectrum Primary Call Rad Task
Lists: Spectrum Primary Call CT, Spectrum Primary Call US, 

EMMC VL (Vascular Lab) US (must read in ASCEND on side PC)
EMMC urgent non-invasive fluoro studies (e.g. esophagrams,
intussusceptions, but not LPs)

0630 – 0800 HRS:
EMMC XR overnight till 0800 hrs
ER/Inpatient CT/US from all sites 
Synergy leftover CT/MR (based on Synergy email sent at 0700 hrs)
(Stroke CT/CTA neuro will be read by Synergy up to 0645 hrs)

ER/Inpatient CTA till 0730 hrs if able; 
If not a CTA reader, page on call IR person up till 0730 hrs. 
ER/Inpatient CTA from 0730 onwards to be left for Remote Dx reader.
Do NOT read overnight vRad prelim’d CTs; will be read by Remote Dx

0800 – 1700 HRS:
ER/Inpatient CT/US from EMMC, Maine Coast, Blue Hill, 
Inland, Mayo, CA Dean, MRH, PVH
Do NOT read SJH CT/US; will be read by Remote Dx

1700 – 1900 HRS:
ER/Inpatient CT/US from all sites except Maine Coast
ER and Inpatient MRI from SJH and other non-RAYUS sites
Do NOT read Maine Coast CT/US or RAYUS/SJH MRI – to Synergy at 1700 hrs

1900 – 2100 HRS:
ER/Inpatient CT/US from non-Synergy sites (MRH, PVH)

HOURS: Onsite in Consults Reading Room, 0700 – 2100 hrs
2100 – 0700 hrs pager call for RAYUS contrast and fluoro non-invasive
procedures (peds intussusceptions, UGI for midgut volvulus etc)
On call Fluoro tech: 97(3-8009)

Updated 1/4/2024

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