Remote Maine Coast (Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri)

AO: Spectrum Blue Hill Rad Task
Lists: Blue Hill w/o MG, MCH CT, MCH, EMMC US, Inland, Mayo, CA Dean, MRH US

Maine Coast Hospital (MCH) studies, except mammo (Wed, Fri)
Blue Hill studies, including weekend MRIs on Monday, except mammo (Mon, Thu)
Maine Coast Hospital (MCH) CTs (Mon, Thu)
EMMC US (Mon, Thu)
Help with Maine Coast studies (Mon, Thu)
Do not read MCH ABI US – Vascular Surgery to read
Read MCH venous insufficiency US if able
**1600 – 1700 hrs: ER/IP CT/US from Mayo/CA Dean (Mon, Wed, Thu);
Inland (
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri); Blue Hill (Wed); PVH (Fri only when PVH rad is in Lincoln);
ER/IP US from MRH (Mon, Wed, Thu)**

LUNCH BREAK: Flexible (no coverage)
 Remote at home, 0800 – 1730 hrs; Onsite 0800 – 1700 hrs

Updated 1/4/2024

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