EMMC Phone Forwarding

FORWARDING a Phone Number

Dial *2 (star 2). 
Enter extension you want to FORWARD. Then, enter extension you want to FORWARD TO.

For example, let’s say you want to forward Neuro (3-8189) to Consults (3-8145). You would dial *2, 38189, 38145. 
Now anyone calling Neuro (3-8189) will be forwarded to Consults (3-8145) and ring at Consults.


Dial #2 (pound 2). Enter extension that was previously forwarded, to UNFORWARD.

For example, following the situation above, if you wanted to unforward Neuro to Consults, you would dial #2, 38189.
Now anyone calling Neuro (3-8189) would ring the Neuro phone.